Helping Everyone Understand Bitcoin

Hello Bitcoin is a friendly introduction to Bitcoin for regular people.

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The goal: A presentation in every community

Hello Bitcoin is an open-source presentation deck designed to help Bitcoiners give local talks in their communities and workplaces about how Bitcoin works and why it is important. The target is a beginner audience that is curious to learn more.

Our ambition is for every community to have the opportunity to hear the talk.

The Presentation

This content is best understood as part of a presentation delivered by someone knowledgeable about Bitcoin—preferably in-person. It is meant to foster conversation. 

Here are the slides, absent the voice-over, for those curious:

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Give A Talk

Are you a Bitcoiner who wants to help educate your community or coworkers about Bitcoin?

The Hello Bitcoin presentation deck will get you going with a set of well-designed slides that tell the story of Bitcoin in a persuasive and informative way. You take it from there.
To be a good ambassador, our expectation is that you’ll be (1) well-versed in the significance of Bitcoin as a social and economic project for the whole world and (2) sufficiently technical to deeply understand the mechanics of Bitcoin described within the presentation deck. 

We are more than happy to help clarify any points for future presenters, just get in touch with any questions.

Disclaimer: We speak only for ourselves

This deck is not an official or centralized source of truth about Bitcoin. After all, no one is in charge of Bitcoin.

Rather, it is meant as a useful starting point that has been reviewed and improved by a group of interested Bitcoiners that share an interest in getting the word out.

Every presenter should feel free to tweak the material to suit their needs and help make it better for everyone else.

IMPORTANT: This is not a pitch

This deck is not an investment pitch or investment advice.

Our aim is solely to educate people about how Bitcoin works and what impact it might have.

Notably (and consciously) the presentation deck does not mention Bitcoin's price.

Steps To Giving A Community Talk


Find A Venue
Find a comfortable space in your community that will host your talk. Libraries and community centers are good places to start.


Promote Your Talk
Use your own social media channels and leverage your venue—they can often help market your talk through their own channels.


Build Your Deck
Create your own copy of the presentation deck, and tweak it as you see fit. If you make changes that work well, tell us about them!


Practice Your Talk
Find someone non-technical you trust, and run through your talk with them. This will help you find the right voice-over and get the timing right.


Deliver Your Talk
We suggest a target of ~45 mins and a bunch of time at the end for healthy Q&A with your audience.

We can help with any of the above once you commit to giving a talk. Just reach out for advice or with any questions.

Helpful Blurb

Here’s a summary blurb you might use in promotional material:

Hello Bitcoin: A Friendly Introduction to Bitcoin

Many of us have heard about Bitcoin—the world's first digital cryptocurrency. But few people understand how it works, why it is promising and what real risks exist. This talk will demystify the key concepts behind Bitcoin in an accessible way and explore its potential as a new global money for the Internet age. Beginners welcome!

Request A Talk

Are you curious to learn more about Bitcoin by having someone give the Hello Bitcoin presentation near you?

Drop us an email at and let us know where you are.

We’ll do our best to cover areas of strong demand and find a motivated Bitcoiners to engage with your community.


Hello Bitcoin was created to help address one of the biggest problems with Bitcoin: too few people understand what it is and how it works. And thus, too few people appreciate the historical significance of the technology and how it might impact global finance, systems of government and human freedom around the globe.

With such widespread lack of understanding, many myths about Bitcoin have come to dominate the popular conversation. Hello Bitcoin is one small step towards correcting that.

Our hope is to empower passionate Bitcoiners around the world to engage with their local communities and explain why Bitcoin is worthy of our collective attention. 

The project was created by Mat Balez, a Vancouver-based technologist. He’s been involved with Bitcoin for many years, largely behind the scenes.

As an open source project, Hello Bitcoin now belongs to the world. The materials have been reviewed and contributed to by a large number of Bitcoiners from across the ecosystem: developers, investors, hobbyists and researchers. 

We hope it will continue to grow (and improve!) and find its way into communities everywhere.

If you’d like to contribute by translating these materials into another language, we’d welcome the help! Please get in touch.